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Azmain Amin
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GitHub profile. It also has some of my smaller projects that I worked on when I was bored. Here is my downloadable resume.


I am Azmain Amin, a proud Bangladeshi, studying in Washington & Lee University. I am a third year Computer Science and Biology double major. I like to call myself a "Coding Convert" because I shifted my focus from Biology to Computer Science. It was love at first class! I have taken up programming as a hobby. It excites me and makes me happy (when it works of course)!

Being an international student in an uncharted area is quite exciting. I face new challenges almost every day, and I love tackling them. Building new things is my passion. That's why I love programming. To me programming is like infusing life into an inanimate object slowly and delicately. The learning curve right now is as steep as it gets. And I love it!

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